Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Big Decisions, Big Adventures

And we're back!
So August was 'Go Time' in my life. In a triumphant act of faith, I gave notice at my job. Did I have another job lined up? No. Did I have a real plan? Not really. Did I make an incredibly awesome list of things to do before I left Salt Lake? Sure did.
The List
I have never known happiness until I made The List. I jam-packed my last month in SLC with things like: visiting old friends, taking pictures of my favorite places, touring Kennecott Mine, touring Taffy Town, going to the planetarium, paddle boat riding at Libery Park, using all my Groupons, etc. The best day of adventure included: paragliding, eating at Dairy Keen in Heber (twice...), swimming the Homestead Crater, touring the Governor's Mansion, and Scuba Diving all in one day! And all with the same adventure buddy, Marci!
Now what?
Now I move to Italy for 3 months. My plane leaves tomorrow. I will be in Taranto and Torino living with host families and teaching their 'kids' English. I'm kinda nervous about that teaching part...but I can fake it. :) I'm excited about this opportunity and seeking out an adventure.
Just wanted to say thanks to everyone I love so much for all their help and support, I simply couldn't live my life without you. And I do mean you! (Kirk, Sidena, Ryan, Becky, Spencer, Colin, Abigail, April, Justin, Jayden, Emily, Grandma, Curly, Lela, Jim, Helen, Cheryl, Val, Sharydon, Aubree, Abby, Katie, Marci, Aubrey, Kellie, Kate, Lisa, Jamie, Amy, Whitney, Tari, Mindy, Emily, Suzy, Stacey, Jillian, Carter, Jim, Derrek, (former) coworkers, wardies, bishoprics, (andyone I may have missed) etc. I feel so blessed to have you all in my life.
(I can't ever figure out how to put pics where I want them to be in a blog, consider yourself warned...)


  1. Do you have any idea how excited I was when I saw this in my google reader?? I'll tell you. VERY. The excitement was only made greater when I saw my name among that list. At least I'm assuming that Mindy is me. It's totally me.
    I miss you already but I'm sending positive, empowering thoughts your way!

  2. Thanks for the Shout out! I feel so loved :) I can't wait until you come back and we can talk g-chat everyday!