Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Here, There, and Everywhere

The Tour, Week 2

"Juliet's Balcony" in Verona - to the left of this is a statue of Juliet. It is good luck in love if you touch her boob. Of course I have a photo of me doing that, but I don't think my Mom would approve of me posting that.


Venice! I've been there before, but Venice is just lovely. I bought an oil on canvas painting from a local Venetian painter, I'm thrilled.

St. Mark's Square was flooded the morning we were there.

Me on the gondola serenade.

Inside St. Mark's Basilica.

Coolest store on St. Mark's Square.

Rialto Bridge


Italy is gorgeous in the Fall.

The colors of Fall.

Assisi! That St. Francis guy was amazing.


We didn't stay in Assisi long enough, what a pretty city.

On to Pompeii! This place is huge and still 1/3 underground. They are leaving the remaining 1/3 for future generations with new technologies to uncover.

Main square with Mount Vesuvius in the background. Apparently the town wasn't covered in lava, everyone died from the poisonous gases from the volcano, our guide said it only took 2 minutes for everyone to die in the city. The city was covered in volcanic ash, so the undigging has been somewhat easy. Because this city was frozen in time, they were able to figure out much more than they would've because everything was still in its proper place.

We toured a brothel and there were 'signs' in the street pointing the direction. There was a 'menu' preserved, you pick the girl and the position and have your fun on the bed made of stone. I'm sure it didn't last too long. Of course I have pictures of this too, but I really want my Mom to not be ashamed of me, ok?

Horrifying, right?

This one makes me sad.

Me just outside Pompeii.

Pizza oven in Sorrento, in the Napoli area. The good folks from Napoli invented pizza and they just do it right, it is so good! I was thrilled to find a postcard with the recipe for Napoli Margarita Pizza on it, best money I've spent on the whole trip.
Sorrento coast. I didn't get any pics of the coastline but everything is built right on the cliff here.

From Sorrento we caught a boat to Capri (pronounced KAH-pree). Talk about a fancy area.

Church/monastery and its gardens.

Aubrey and I discovered this garden, while it was 1 euro to get it, it was so worth it for the views. This was the 2nd best thing I paid for on the trip. We stayed there for hours just soaking up the sun.

Incredibly blue water.

View of Capri from the boat.

Sunset on the Sorrento Coast.

My cookies. Carrots, almonds, and oranges? Pass.

View from our last hotel in Rome. That's the Vatican City on the left, you can see St. Peter's Basilica.

Aubrey and I ventured into Rome on our last night. She wanted to see the Pantheon and I wanted to see the Trevi Fountain. This is the Pantheon.

And this is the Trevi Fountain. After being instructed on how to throw my coins in and make a wish, I am absolutely SURE my wish will now come true.

Well, that's all folks. Thanks for joining me on this journey of my travels through Italy. My plane leaves tomorrow and it's a little bittersweet to be going, but I'm glad to be coming home. I am so thankful for this experience I've had, the things I've learned, the beauty I've seen, and the wonderful people I have met. The picture below is of me in Capri and I think it shows the relaxed and happy Camille I've found here, may I never forget her.

Ciao Italia!


  1. Hey, you're really pretty. You look good in Italy. Also, in America. Welcome back!

  2. i loved everything about this post - but mostly the fact that it means you're home!