Monday, November 14, 2011

Bella Italia

The Tour, Week 1

Entrance to Vatican Museum

Hallway full of sculpture. The gold you see is real.

Hall of paintings.

The Holy Door. If you walk through, all your sins are forgiven. I walked through 10 times just to be safe.

Inside St. Peter's Basilica

In St. Peter's Square with Aubrey.

Outside the Coliseum and Triumphal Arch.


Pisa: baptistery, duomo, tower. This was one of our most favorite places, so peaceful.

Florence duomo

Florence duomo

The David #2, same as the original but you can't take pics of the original. (We saw the original too.)


Florence - best pic we got together.

Milano duomo

We saw this in a lot of the duomos, the skeletons of old popes/important people. It was creepy.

Lugano, Switzerland - SO pretty here

Pondering in a tree, like I do sometimes.


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