Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Where in the World is CB?

Phase 3: Taranto, Italy

I have returned to the South! I had forgotten how green it is here. I'm back with the Pignatelli's, it is nice to be staying with people I already know. It is just Pasquale, Rosangela, Simona, and I. Luca is at university in Milano and Marco is in Missouri, so I get their room.

My New Home:
From the outside

Family Room

Dining Room


Sitting Room

My Room

View from my room (that's a football stadium in the distance, when they're playing I can hear the cheering)
Things I've Seen:
We went to Alberobello one cold Sunday. These are houses are warm in the winter and cold in the winter, and they are only built of stone, no cement was used.

The story goes when these tricky people were trying to avoid taxes, they pulled out one of the stones and let their houses crumble, because without a house you don't have to pay taxes. Then they rebuilt. I like their style.
Simona, me, Rosangela

With Pasquale

Sunset on the ocean

Sunset on the square

Simona and I were invited by her uncle to tour a naval ship. Taranto is right on the sea and has the 2nd largest naval base in Italy.

Cavour 550

On board

Simona and me
Fruit Reviews:
Fichi d'India
Fichi d'India is similar to prickly pears but only grown in Sicily. I had seen them at the market and was intrigued by the many colors. Luckily for me we bought some one day. Pretty darn good. You peel the outside and the inside is the texture of watermelon with pomegranate-like seeds. Grade: B

I never knew goodness until I tried this fruit. There are a few varieties, but the picture is my favorite. Skin like a tomato and the sweetest fruit you ever tasted inside. I can't say enough about how good this is. Grade: A++

Boy Meets World
It's true. There are not a lot of touristy places to see (and I broke my 2nd bike today...) so I have had to entertain myself. I have been watching all the seasons of Boy Meets World, I just started the last season today. They just don't make TV like this anymore. Each episode teaches a lesson, they talk about God, underage drinking, education, sex, being a good friend, making good choices, etc. I have been found with tears in my eyes on more than one occasion. I want my kids to watch this show. I wish TV was still like this.


  1. Remember the BMW where Fred Savage sexually harrasses Topanga? I learned a lot in that episode. Like what a jerk Kevin Arnold grew up to be.

  2. I like you and your blog. (and your mom...but you already knew that.)

  3. Can your bring Cachi home? Maybe some juice. Yummers!

  4. Yes please to that sitting room color! Thanks for liking BMW too. This is why we're friends despite our differences.