Tuesday, October 4, 2011

°I was there for love.°

I met Marco at General Conference. He told me he had lived in Utah earlier this year, and when I asked why, his reply was, “I was there for love.” Eloquently put. Here is what that convo would be like in America:

Me, “Why were you in Utah?”
Guy, “Oh, I was kinda dating this girl or whatever. It was no big deal.”
Me, “But it’s over?”
Guy, “Yeah.” (Scanning the crowd for someone better to talk to…)

After Marco made his claim about being in Utah for love, he launched into the entire story about meeting this girl and moving to America for her. He went on for 15 minutes about her problems with their relationship. I told him I was sorry that it had ended, he said, “No, no, life is wonderful. Life will always be hard, but I had many wonderful experiences.” I love Italian men. They are not afraid to show their feelings or compliment women, it’s refreshing.

I write this at 2:41AM, my Turin departure is in a few hours, and some tears have already escaped my eyes. Im sad to have to say goodbye to this beautiful city and the wonderful people here. I have had such great experiences here. I have learned much about myself and have found myself feeling a joy I haven’t experienced in a very long time. Each day I thank Heavenly Father for this opportunity to be in Italy and meet the people I have grown to love.

Tonight for my send off party we went into town and had Napoli pizza with the best family friends. We ate on the piazza, complete with an accordian player, and a half moon in the sky. We lingered in the city and walked aimlessly afterward.
The crew at the perfect Italian dinner.

Sara and I have become best buddies.

Just 3 kids, having a good time.

Me and Sara at the cottage.

Ivana and me at Venaria.

“Why were you in Turin?”
Me, “I was there for love.”


  1. I love this post and I love Italian men! We need more honestly like that right? I am so glad that you are having the time of your life! Ciao Bella!

  2. I love this. I love that you are loving Italy. I love that shirt you are wearing. I love the idea of pizza on the piazza under the moon. I love you. The end.

  3. Sounds like a dream. Those Italian men will getcha! Watch out :)

  4. Did this post make me cry? Yes. Ok, fine!

  5. Yeah - woah!
    Fist pump.
    Leg kick!