Monday, September 5, 2011

I Hate LG

It's just as true here in Italia as it was in the US. The only thing on TV I can watch in English (maybe 90% English) is MTV. I've discovered one great song and lots of awful ones. I also have watched a big track meet, because you don't have to understand what they're saying to know who won the race.

The Famiglia Barale/Berruti
These people are a crack up, never a dull moment when they're together.

Ivana, Daniele, Sara

Ivana: she's the mom and is working hard to improve her English. She is an Accountant and wants for her 50th birthday to travel to America (it's her dream). She loves to travel and is very nice.

Daniele (Dani): he's 16 and in high school. He just announced a girlfriend on Facebook, but refuses to talk about it. He is in love. He made us crepes tonight (more on this later). I am staying in his room while here, so he has been living in the loft with Sara. He likes sports and music.

Sara: she's 20 and in university for graphic design. She is a tiny little thing who is adorable and very nice. She even makes me lunch every day and loves shopping. She is engaged to Michele. They think it's funny to say all the naughty English words (I didn't teach them, I promise!) They learned them from the quality music they're watching on MTV. (Thank America for the great music!) Michele told me that all Italian men are bastards and that all those in parliament are children of prostitutes.

Purple night!
Goofing around. Yes that's a liter can of beer.
Dani and Michi

Michi: she's the cat. Sara says she's usually afraid of people, but that she's not afraid of me. Michi seriously puts up with a lot of torture from Dani and Sara. Sometimes she jumps into my clothes cabinet and I get mad. Who knew I'd live with a dog and a cat in a years time?

Tonight Dani made us crepes. We had savory (prosciutto and formaggio) then dolci crepes.


Yes you do see a green crepe, that's because it's mint. Add nutella, warm it up, and voila!
Best. Crepe. Ever.

Yesterday I attended church for the first time. Unfortunately it was rainy so I looked like a hot mess of frizz when I arrived...goodbye any chance at an Italian lover. Many people shook my hand and one even spoke English. He offered to translate Sacrament Meeting for me, but I declined because it seemed weird to have whispering in my ear for 70 minutes. And I also pretty much know what was said, "This week we have..." "We'd like to thank..." "Now we will prepare for the Sacrament by singing hymn..." "I know the church is true" (repeat 10 times, it was Fast Sunday). It was a good meeting. I attempted to sing the hymns in English, but gave up after about 2 lines and then attempted to sing them in Italian. The lady next to me was confused and kept looking at me (thinking I was singing the wrong thing) because I was singing the alto line. I thought it sounded nice.

Note: it is a MIRACLE this church building is so close by. When I lived in the South, church was 24 miles away, here it is only 1.7 and I literally just walk down the road right next to our apartment to get there.

So I decided to read through all my tourist information and figure out cool things to see here. I had an awesome day planned for tomorrow, but alas, there is a strike so I can't ride public transit. Two things: A. Isn't it bizarre to have to deal with strikes in the first place? B. A pre-planned strike? Are you trying to catch them off guard or...? My days of adventure will have to wait I suppose.

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  1. Those crepes sound delish! Uh...that's all I have to say right now.