Friday, September 2, 2011

Underwear to Octopus

Phase Two: Grugliasco (Torino) Italia

I have safely arrived in Phase 2. I am in Torino, Italy. The North is quite different from the South. It is beautiful here, even now I’m sitting in the sun and breeze from the open door in my room.

My new home:
Spiral staircase to loft.
Bathroom door
I love this little apartment, it is so charming.

Yesterday I ventured out into the world and found the Collegno Market! This place had everything from underwear to octopus, so it was definitely legit. I bought a pair of earrings.

And then? Then I forced myself to find my very first Magnum bar. (For those who don’t know, MANY people rave about these ice cream bars. They are now available in the US, but who is paying attention to that?) I found a cute little shop that was empty that had the Magnum sign out front. The conversation went as follows:

(Me looking through the freezer)
Him: “Blah blah blah gelato?”
Me: “Magnum?”
Him: “Blah blah classico blah?”
Me: “Si. Costa?”
Him: “Blah blah blah”
(Me not understanding and handing him 5 euros)
(Him giving me change)
Me: “Grazie! Ciao!”
Him: “Blah Arrivederci blah blah.”

I am REALLY catching onto the language as you can see. Here is the pic of the Magnum and me eating the Magnum. I need to try a different flavor, this one was molto boring.

I fully acknowledge I look creepy in that pic.

Last night Ivana (mom) took me to buy a power adapter (I blew up my power converter using my blow dryer). Then we took The Underground (subway) to downtown Turin and toured a bit. We stopped by the Tourist Information shop and I am now fully stocked with info on touring Turin (some of it is even in English!) We got the most amazing gelato, I had raspberry (lampone) and it was heavenly. I also saw H&M, Zara, Zara Home, and McDonald’s. All of those will be attended next week when I go solo to Turin.

This morning I was online and looked up church options here, and guess what?! There is a meetinghouse 1.7 miles away! Who knew going to church could excite me so much? After wandering a bit, I found it! Right next to the cornfield of course.

LDS church in Collegno, Italia.

Did you know that FIAT was invented here?
FIAT = Fabbrica, Italiana, Automobile, Torino

Also, I found houses in the south and in the north that both have yard Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs gnomes. Bizarre and definitely picture worthy.


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  1. Whenever I paid for something in China, I just gave them the biggest bill I had knowing I would get change back. Or I would just hand all of my money to my friend. You should get an accountant who just comes around with you. That would be weird though, right?
    You can get Magnum at Smith's. I'm not a huge fan. Too much chocolate. But I will take gelato any day every day all day.