Saturday, September 17, 2011

You Are A Beautiful Monster

Reasons I was meant to partake in this adventure:
-I like pizza
-I like pretending to be part of other families
-I'm good at entertaining myself
-While I'm not good at sleeping in, I'm pretty good at faking it
-I'm really good at exploring
-I like cheese
-I like to ride bikes
-I don't think I'm incredibly prone to homesickness
-I love markets
-I like to challenge myself each time I leave the house
-I can be entertained by Sudoku and card games
-I don't mind skipping church ;)
-I like pasta
-It has increased my endurance at laying in the sun
-I am directionally sound. Although I have maps, I don't take them anywhere and haven't gotten lost yet.
-I'm awesome at taking pics of myself
-I like bread
-I like cold showers
-I'm still ok wearing the few clothes I brought (I only miss my colorful shoes and my earrings)
-Little things entertain me

Today was my Tour de River Po. I left the house at 8 at was pleased that it was a quick ride to the river (8ish miles). I was thankful for the clouds today to help keep me cool. I passed all the young Italians who were STILL partying at the pub and drunk off their arses. I rode along the river then toured the Valentino Castle.

This picture doesn't exactly prove I was on my bike, but I was, I promise.
That's the Mole Antonelliana in the distance.

While the tour was in Italian, I didn't really care because the tour guide was good looking. I was provided with a book with the tour in English, so that was nice. The castle and grounds are neo-midieval, meaning they were built in the 1800s but structured after the 1500s architecture. So no powerful person ever lived there, which seemed strange to me that it would even be a tourist attraction, but I was still pretty impressed.
Entrance to village

Partial castle view from across the river

Throne in the Great Chamber


The castle's bit of earth

While leaving the village, this kind man asked for a picture with me, I couldn't deny him.

On the hot journey back to Grugliasco, I stopped and had my first kebab. I forgot to get a pic, but I think that someone is stealing ideas and passing it off as their own because it was EXACTLY like a gryo. So which came first, the kebab or gyro?

Other randomess:

In case you can't tell, that's a swordfish. I found this gem at the market. I just don't understand why the swordy part is still there, there's no way you eat that part, right?

Just some great graffiti I found. I especially love when there's English graffiti without proper grammer and/or spelling.
Obviously there are lots of statues here. It's made me ponder that if/when I have a statue made of me what it will be. My answer: me riding a cow backwards, playing my guitar. It's perfect.

This is me when I starred in The Matrix.

Original mask from LOTR

My pizza box

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  1. I have now read your entire blog, I am so glad you gave me the address! Sounds like such a wonderful adventure. I can't wait to read more. Love you!
    p.s. the pizza box awesome, I read this post while watching the Simpsons.....