Thursday, September 22, 2011

Tre Bello Posto

Thanks to Ivana and all my tourist information, I feel like I've seen almost everything this city has to offer. I really do love it here in Turin.


Sunday afternoon Ivana, Luigi, and I went to Veneria to rent bikes and tour. Veneria is a LARGE 3-part royal residence and gardens of the Savoy family. The rain was looming, but we risked it and had a great time.

Luigi raced me at the beginning, I beat him. He said later he was a gentleman and let me win.

We passed the royal stables and took a peak. How do horses get so big? It's baffling.

I like this pony, he had some crazy hair.

Royal stables

Main entrance to Veneria. I want to explore here more, everything was closing at the time.


Ivana took me here one night. I'd been REALLY wanting to see it (though she didn't know that), but I couldn't figure out how to ride the transit system here. This is a hunting lodge of the Savoy's. Those Savoy's had some serious money, almost everything I've posted on this blog has been Savoy owned. This was a hunting lodge. And by lodge I mean a huge estate with miles of forest area in the back.

Please note the deer statue on the very top.

This is now a furniture museum, so I was ok with not going inside.

Sacra de San Michele:
Ivana had the day off so we went to Sacra de San Michele, an old monastery perched on a cliff. It was a long drive but oh-so-beautiful. I loved it. This was also closed, but we may or may not have snuck through the exit and looked around for a while.

View from the top. Incredible.

The legend goes: the synagogue was being attacked, a girl was there and was trying to escape. She said a prayer and jumped off the cliff and was unharmed. She told her story and no one believed her. Determined to prove it happened, she jumped from the same spot, this time to her death. Moral of the story: don't give in to peer pressure.

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