Thursday, September 8, 2011

Tourin' Turin

Like a professional traveler (one that is afraid to buy a bus ticket so walks 3 miles to the subway station), I went into downtown Turin the other day. What did I find?

#1. An Egyptian Museum. The locals say it's the 2nd most important Eyptian museum, behind the one in Egypt. My tour book says it's also behind London. Who is right? I don't know, but here are some gems I found.

I really want some of these.

Note: I'm bad at museums. I get bored, just putting it out there.

#2: No explanation needed.

My Coke Light was awful and I was so disappointed.

#3: Happiness is...
I had pre-planned to buy whatever I wanted here, my one chance on this trip. I walked out with 4 things. I am also bad at shopping, not really my thing.

#4 - Boat Tour of the River Po
Ivana, Luigi, and I took a boat tour of the River Po the same day. Beautiful. I'm now hell-bent on getting my bike here so I can ride along the river.

Ivana and me.
Luigi (Ivana's brother) and me. Love him.

#5 - Superga Basilica
So the big thing to see in Turin is the Crown of Delights, the royal residences of the Savoy family. This is one of their churches.

The story goes in 1949 that the Italia football team was coming back from a tournament somewhere. It was a foggy day and their plane crashed into the mountain on which this basilica sits. 31 people died and it shook the country. There is a memorial in the back for them. Each year on the anniversary of the crash, football fans gather here to pay tribute.

#6 - Chescara
Ivana, Sara, and I went here tonight. Sara needed to take pictures for school so we wandered and snapped pics.

Then we stopped at two cute candy shops, such good chocolate.

#7 - The Collegno Library
Usually wouldn't be a big deal, but I was thrilled to find they have like 60 books in English. I got 3 yesterday and finished the 1st within 24 hours.

That's about it. Arrivederci!

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